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The euphoria Ticket Exchange powered by Lyte is the only official resale platform for festival tickets.

Through the exchange, guests who are no longer able to attend a sold-out event have the opportunity to resell their tickets, while those who are interested in attending have the opportunity to do so. All tickets are safely & securely processed by our ticketing partner, SquadUP, so guests know they are receiving valid festival tickets issued in their name.

Be sure to thoroughly read the “Good to Know” section below prior to requesting or selling tickets. If you have more questions after reading the information below, visit Lyte’s support page or email [email protected].

Please note: if you have tickets to a dinner, lunch or classroom, the ability to resell your ticket will end 2 weeks out from the festival.

Good To Know

looking to attend a sold out event

Follow the steps below to request tickets. 

After requesting tickets, you can log into your Lyte account at any time to view your request status. If you no longer wish to attend the event, be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist at no cost. 

Your card will be charged and the ticket(s) will be issued automatically once your request becomes available. You will receive an email from Lyte once this happens in which you will have a set amount of time to decline the tickets if you wish to no longer attend. Be sure to see specific details on the email. 

Lyte takes into account supply (returns), demand (requests), and prices on the secondary market to provide the most competitive price for both sellers and buyers. Waitlist prices could include up to a 15% markup that ensures you are getting a valid festival ticket issued in your name by our primary ticketing partner, SquadUP. These prices are controlled by Lyte, not euphoria.


You may only sell your tickets via the euphoria Ticket Exchange if the event is sold-out and if there is a waitlist demand for the event. Follow the steps below to sell your tickets to a sold-out event.

If there is a waitlist for the event, you will receive an offer from Lyte for your tickets, which is typically the original face value of your ticket. Your original tickets will be canceled and will not scan at the event. Any returned tickets that attempt to scan in on site may result in forfeiture of your refund.

You will receive payment via PayPal directly from Lyte within 14 days of exchanging your ticket. Payment can only be received via PayPal. If you do have an active PayPal account, be sure to set one up prior to following the steps to sell your tickets.


No longer able to attend an event, and it isn’t sold out? Try Lyte’s private exchange. Fans can authenticate and sell tickets directly to other fans, even before an event is sold-out! Generate a link through Lyte (you’ll need to login or set up an account) to sell your ticket directly to a friend or share on your personal social media to find a buyer.

Looking to attend a sold out event?

visit euphoria’s ticket exchange
  1. Locate the sold out event you are looking to attend by clicking on the link above; click “Request Tickets” and choose the quantity you’d like to request
  2. Enter your attendee information
  3. Enter your payment information; Lyte takes your payment information upfront so they can process the tickets as soon as they become available – don’t worry, you’ll only be charged if your request is fulfilled!
  4. Review your request and click “Request Tickets”

Looking to sell your tickets to a sold out event?

visit euphoria’s ticket exchange
  1. Locate the event you are looking to sell your tickets to by clicking the link above and log in using the same email you used to purchase the tickets with
  2. Select the tickets you are looking to return
  3. View the offer; click “Accept” to continue