Executive Chef, Maestro’s Bistro & Dinner Club

Greenville, SC

Participating In: Stars of Greenville

Executive Chef Samuel Dominguez began his culinary adventure almost from birth in Argentina, the beef capital of the world, where cattle are revered the finest cattle in Argentina are descendants of steers imported by the conquistadores in 1536.
Guided by his grandfather Samuel learned to butcher and prepare various cuts of beef. When he was only 10 years old, Samuel became a gaucho, one of the most honorable and skillful professions in Argentina.
 Gauchos are rugged cowboys who settled the fertile Argentinian lowlands to tend to the vast herds of cattle.
Samuel moved to Miami, Florida at age 13 and began working with a popular pastry chef. That move set him on a path of learning a maraud of  Culinary skills under some of the best Michelin star chefs for seafood, pastries, French, Italian and American cuisines. The Lowcountry of South Carolina offered Chef the opportunity to work with fresh caught, local seafood, which chef says is “the best in the world”.
Chef Samuel has now come back to his generational roots and opened his family owned restaurant located at 104 South Main Street suite 105 in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Maestro’s Bistro & Dinner Club in located just through the revolving doors inside the beautiful Poinsett Plaza. Maestro’s menu is a fusion of Chef Samuel’s culinary creations where artistry & flavor are carried throughout every dish.