Owner, Chefanie

Greenville, SC

Participating In: A Southern Remedy

My name is Stephanie J. Bolden, and I am the owner of Chefanie, LLC. I am a native of Greenville, SC and I love everything about food, especially the comfort that it brings. My greatest satisfaction when being in the kitchen is the smile my food brings to peoples faces.

I’m far from being a “real” chef in my opinion, as I am not formally trained in the culinary arts. My love of cooking came from being with family on holidays, sitting around the table eating and having the best times. I learned by watching my grandparents and aunts in the kitchen. Helping one of my favorite aunts cater in the summers was the highlight of my childhood. Watching Food Network and recreating dishes was my practice.

I decided to get  formal training by taking advantage of the Basic Culinary Skills and Basic Baking programs through Truist Culinary & Hospitality Innovation. Through those programs I was able to learn techniques I was not familiar with, but also earn certifications.

Although I’m still finding my place in the culinary world, Chefanie specializes in various cuisines. Our focuses are personal chef services, upscale private dining, and catering. My goal is to provide delicious food that brings a smile to your face and touches your soul.