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Dining takes on a new meaning at the euphoria festival every September in Greenville. Thousands of people from all over the country and across the world flock to this celebration of food, drink and music.

Delectable, decadent, interesting, and enjoyable, the festival provides something for all tastes with an atmosphere of fun and a goal of doing good for the Greenville community. Now in its 17th year, euphoria made it through the pandemic with socially distanced and scaled-back events in 2020 and 2021. But the challenges were also an opportunity for the festival to help the food insecure and frontline workers, with an effort called “Connect for Good GVL.”

Morgan Allen, Executive Director of euphoria, said that when festival founder Carl Sobocinski offered her the opportunity to spearhead the program, she leaped at the chance. Allen said that she wasn’t sure exactly what she was signing up for or how it would work, but she and her team have been able to provide a much-needed respite for those fighting food insecurity, coordinating the donation of 150,000 meals.

“I admire Carl Sobocinski immensely,” says Allen. “He is a true visionary and a leader who continues to deliver.” Asked how she would define leadership, she says it is, “doing everything that you ask someone else to do.” That is what makes her three-woman teamwork, she says.

The euphoria team works year-round, planning the festival and other events throughout the year, including “Springfest,” now in its second year, and “Tapas and Tinis,” held in July. Allen says the core of the team’s work is continuing to make euphoria better every year. In addition to the staff, about 100 volunteers help make the festival happen.