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GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Every year Euphoria brings the top chefs from across the country to the Upstate for four days of food, music and fun.

This year’s event wrapped up on Sunday with a barbecue brunch featuring some of the best pitmasters in the South.

While brunch starts at 11, prep work for this event starts more than 24 hours before.

“There’s no shortcuts in barbecue for sure. It’s definitely a labor of love and there’s a lot of time involved,” said pitmaster Anthony DiBernardo from Swig & Swine Barbecue.

Cooking juicy, flavorful barbecue is an art that takes hours of dedication.

“My day starts at about 5:30 Saturday morning. Then I’ll prep meat, prep the smoker and the meat will go on sometime in the afternoon. I’ll stay up all night and then the following day for lunch I’ll start slicing and service so a typical day will be 36 hours,” said pitmaster Robbie Robinson from City Limits Barbecue.

After staying up all night, these barbecue pros say it’s all worth it to see the smiles on people’s faces as they walk away happy and full.

“It’s instant gratification. That’s what drew me to the craft and that’s what keeps me going every day, to know that I put 16 hours into a product and to serve it to somebody and see the look on their face and the smile, to know they’re happy and I’ve won. I’ve won that one battle and every person’s a battle,” DiBernardo told 7News.

Proceeds from Euphoria benefit Boys Do Good, a local nonprofit that uses the money to support charities across the Upstate.