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Chicago chef Curtis Duffy likes motorcycles, and so does actor Keanu Reeves. Now they’re friends. Duffy, the chef behind Grace — one of two Chicago restaurants with a full three stars from Michelin — rode his motorbike 14 hours from Chicago to Greenville, South Carolina for the Euphoria food festival. Turns out the actor who played Neo from The Matrix also attended the festival, held over the past weekend, and the two took a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Reeves and Duffy spoke at Michelin’s North American headquarters in Greenville. The two’s common interests allowed Duffy to compare high-end motorcycle components to quality ingredients he uses in the kitchen. Food & Wine pointed out that Reeves co-owns a motorcycle company called Arch Motorcycle. The pair met in January at a Michelin tire release event in Palm Springs, California.

Apparently, a ride on a rare Arch motorbike creates a memory that can last a lifetime. That sounds a lot like a meal at Grace.