Nathan grew up in a small Ohio farm town where he worked alongside his dad at a young age learning about the soil, animals, plants and more.  It wasn’t until much later in life that Nathan would discover that farming played a profound role in him wanting to take his love of wine to the next level. He began to sip, taste and educate himself more by reading book after book until he made two decisions: first, he wanted to go after his sommelier license and second, in order to fully love what he does everyday, wine had to play an active role.

Throughout his journey, Nathan has developed a deeper passion for wine and is determined to not only educate himself, but to educate others. It is his personal mission to continue to discover new wines and to show everyone how easy it is to enjoy, or more importantly, share wines with family, friends and strangers.  That is one of the best attributes wine has to offer – it can be enjoyed by anyone, with anyone.

With over 15 years in both the restaurant and real estate industry, hospitality comes second nature to Nathan and his knowledge of food and beverage will continue to serve him well. When he’s not at The Wine House, Nathan enjoys cooking for his wife Brenda and entertaining friends at their home…over a wonderful bottle of wine, of course.

“There are so many wines, one could never know all of them. I am most excited to share what I love with others and for them to share their favorites with me.”