Pastry Chef, Soby’s New South Cuisine

Greenville, SC

Participating In: A Southern Remedy

The delicious sweets Soby’s presents its guests each night are thanks to the talents of Pastry Chef Tarciani Harger, or Tarci, as she’s called. Born and raised in the beach town of Palhoça, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Tarci’s culinary career began early on, inspired by her hometown’s Portuguese and German influences. After earning a degree in Professional Pastry and Bakery Arts and Fashion Design, she headed to the United States with her husband to increase their knowledge of the English language and experience American food culture. They landed in Orlando, FL, where Tarciani found opportunities to expand her education by participating in fairs, seminars, and courses, some of which featured her professional idols like Gordon Ramsey and Buddy Valastro. She knew she was on the right career path when she scored first place at the Citi Lakes Annual Dessert Contest.

Seeking to hone her skills, Tarci moved to Greenville, SC, in 2020, where she found a home with Table 301 and Passerelle Bistro. She explains that it was her first job in the country, and “they welcomed me like family.” Six months later, she accepted a transfer to Soby’s, where she started as a sauté cook but quickly became known for her talents in creating beautiful desserts, leading to her role as Pastry Chef.

“It is incredibly satisfying and humbling to know that guests are celebrating someone’s life or special occasion with my desserts,” says Tarciani. “I am thankful to the entire Soby’s team who have allowed me to learn so much, test my creativity, and surprise our guests with my love for sweets and desserts.”

With a passion for all types of cooking, Tarci has worked alongside French Michelin Chef Nicolas Abello and trained with Jaime Barcelos, a well-known Brazilian chef who owns what is considered the best oyster restaurant in Brazil. Full of energy and a competitive spirit, Tarci loves to run in her free time, drink coffee, bake bread (and eat it!), and practice her love of fashion design. She speaks three languages and enjoys traveling while continuing to learn about American culture.