Owner & Chef, The Herbal Farmercy

Mauldin, SC

Participating In: A Southern Remedy

Eugena is a born and raised native of Greenville, SC. As a child she always had a passion for fixing scrapes and bruises and cooking southern dishes. She began her career as a Surgical Trauma Assistant from 2012-2018. From there she began a holistic skin care and herbal medicinal business. While it grew quickly she knew it wasn’t the end. So during the pandemic she began to focus her energy on one thing that made her heart sing. Cooking. She hasn’t always been plant based. However a health scare in 2019 prompted a sudden and long lasting change. So, in 2020 she began to cook more and share with family and friends. Those family and friends told more family and friends and from there she was able to open one of the city’s only full plant based restaurant and meal preparation businesses. Her belief is that with compassion, encouragement and education everyone can live healthier and more self-sustaining lives free of disease.