Corporate Chef, Table 301

Greenville, SC

Participating In: By the Starlight & Seeing Stars

Nico Abello is a classically trained French chef who has worked in some of the best kitchens in France and the United States. Born in Velizy Villacoublay, a small town outside Paris, Chef Nico knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the hospitality industry. He started culinary school at the age of 15 and initially worked in the front of the house, but soon gained an appreciation for the kitchen and decided a career as a chef was his destiny. At age 17, he apprenticed with the two-star Michelin restaurant, Les Trois Marches in Versailles with Chef Gérard Vié and Sous Chef Laurent Zajac. It was here that he launched his career, learning first-hand the hard work and skills necessary to achieve success in the restaurant business.

Much of Chef Nico’s culinary inspiration came from the iconic chefs he’s worked with throughout his impressive career, including Philippe Letourneur, Thierry Conte, Franck Charpentier, Pierre Gagnaire, Daniel Boulud, JF Bruel, and Eddy Leroux. In 2016, he opened the restaurant L’Appart in Manhattan’s Le District as Executive Chef, where he was awarded a Michelin star for six consecutive years. It was during a visit to the Upstate for a culinary event in 2018 that Chef Nico and his wife fell in love with Greenville. But it wasn’t until after living in New York City during Covid that they decided to make a lifestyle change and move south. In 2022, he joined Table 301 as Corporate Chef where he currently is working closely with the restaurants to support and guide menu development as well as educate and mentor the company’s chefs and associates.

Chef Nico says, “I love what I do because it’s creative, and it’s very gratifying to see people happy with the food we produce in the kitchen. I appreciate working with our restaurants’ dedicated teams, including everyone from the maître d’, to the servers and sommeliers, and to the associates that help create the menus – they all help bring together a memorable experience for our guests.”

In his spare time, Chef Nico says he loves to spend time with his children and wife. “I’m very relaxed. I enjoy taking care of the house and having a list of redesign projects to complete. I also love cooking for my family and hearing my sons say ‘I’m the best Papa cook’. I’m also interested in car racing, drinking good wine, and the outdoors.”