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What started as a community event hosted by singer-songwriter Edwin McCain and restaurateur Carl Soboncinski has transformed into one of Greenville, South Carolina’s biggest culinary bashes. Euphoria is celebrating 12 years of bringing together chefs, locals and an estimated 7,000 visitors, and tickets just went on sale for the jam-packed weekend. It all goes down September 21-24.

Fittingly enough, Greenville is home to the Michelin Guide in the U.S. So naturally, there will be some superstars at the festival.
“The Michelin stars are a remarkable achievement held by so few chefs in the country,” says Tom Jupena, who heads Michelin travel and lifestyle. “It is a pleasure to bring these extraordinary chefs to Michelin’s hometown.”

For a third year in a row, Curtis Duffy of Grace in Chicago is taking his motorcycle down and he’s invited San Francisco’s big guns along for the ride. Michael Mina and Dominique Crenn are joining him to cook dinner at The Lazy Goat on Saturday, September 23.

“I was not able to participate in Greenville Euphoria last year, but am very happy to be able to be a part of this year’s event,” says Crenn. “I am particularly excited to work with some local students to prepare a healthy meal together, and I’m looking forward to working with other great chefs as well!”

This event is more than a food festival, but a way to nourish and nurture the community. Crenn and the chefs are helping local students dream up dishes at the Healthy Lunchtime Throwdown on Sunday, September 24, and the winning dish will be served at all Greenville county schools.

“Seeing your work through the eyes of a young person provides a refreshing and exciting perspective, and it helps remind me why I love my job as a chef,” says Duffy. “Working with kids helps me return to my own roots, and inspires me to continue to innovate, teach and mentor up-and-coming young talent, particularly those in our kitchen at Grace. This is an industry that has given me so much, and any chance to give back to help future culinary talent succeed, for me, is a gift.”

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