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As we all start coming out of Covid hibernation, there is a thirst for normalcy again. To revisit the old haunts, habits, and happenings from a better time. What better way to get a taste of those happier days than with a food and wine festival? Dive into these tasty dozen culinary celebrations across the Sunbelt.

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euphoria – Greenville, South Carolina; September 15-18, 2022

Celebrating all things food, wine, and music, euphoria  is a four-day fête de foodie in South Carolina’s sizzling hot Upcountry. Featuring a half-dozen Michelin-starred chefs (Greenville is the North American home to Michelin, after all), local and regional gastronomic gods, viticulture virtuosos and cocktail connoisseurs at chef and winemaker dinners, over-the-top tastings, Chef’s Table demos, how-to classes, concerts, and the ultimate Sunday Supper, euphoria is, well, euphoric.

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