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A new restaurant set to open in Travelers Rest next month will host a vegetarian dinner for euphoria’s Down to Earth event.

The event serves as a sort of debut for Topsoil Kitchen and Market, which announced earlier this summer it would open in the space formerly occupied by Cafe at Williams Hardware on Main Street in Travelers Rest.

Topsoil will host euphoria’s plant-based Down to Earth dinner event at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 21, which will feature Topsoil executive chef Adam Cooke, Southern Pressed Juicery executive chef Brian McKenna, and Australian wine-maker Sam Berketa.

As the name suggests, the restaurant’s regular menu will have a heavy emphasis on fresh produce from local farms — including its own Topsoil Farm a couple of miles down the road — but it will not be exclusively vegetarian.

“It will be vegetable-forward and protein-particular — so we won’t be an all plant-based restaurant, but we will have some very interesting plant-based options as well as some proteins,” said Patrick McInerney, chief operations and marketing manager for Topsoil. “Something for everybody.”

Topsoil’s hours will go from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will start with a breakfast and lunch menu, with a weekend dinner menu expected later on. Another focus will be on freshly baked, artisanal breads and a small selection of wine, with a bar menu in the afternoon.

“Our overall goal is to make it a fairly comfortable environment,” Topsoil Executive Chef Cooke said. “It’s got a really clean, upscale cafe look.”

Cooke brings with him experience from other successful restaurants — he was the executive chef at the luxury resort Blackberry Farm in Tennessee as well as at Hotel Domestique’s Restaurant 17.

McInerney said the restaurant will announce its opening date soon with plans to open doors before the euphoria event.

“It’s very serendipitous, the timing,” McInerney said. “We’re excited to coordinate our opening along with this dinner so we can make a big splash.”

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